Advanced Structural Adhesives

Product Brief Description
3001 AIP 3001 is a clear, non yellowing fast curing epoxy adhesive. This diverse adhesive can join a huge array of different materials, providing a high strength, water resistant bond. Once cured, this toughened adhesive can be machined, sanded and even painted. The 3001 is non-solvent based, yet still provides accelerated cure system, allowing this grade to be the first choice for manufacture and repair applications alike.


3010 AIP 3010 structurally bonds plastics such as low energy surfaces found in Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) andother Thermoplastics Olefins (TPO), commonly known as Polyolefins. Low energy surfaces repel rather than attractadhesion and are notoriously difficult to bond with almost any kind of adhesive on account of their non-polar, nonporousand chemically inert surfaces. can bond these AIP 3010 without surface treatments. The wide use ofpolyethylene and polypropylene plastics as well as their co-polymers and alloys has increased interest in adhesivebonding these materials.
3200 AIP 3200 is a unique 2-part, TRANSPARENT structural adhesive. It will bond most plastics, metals, glass, acrylic, modern composites, wood, stone, granite, jewels, Corian and many more different materials. It is ideal for manufacturing commercial signage, clear display cases, trophies/awards, acrylic/glass furniture, light boxes, menu boxes and just about anything that would benefit from a transparent bond line.
3290 Fusion Bond 3290 is a High strength, fast curing, second generation two part structural Adhesive system designed to combine the High Shear and Temperature resistance of a conventional acrylic with the qualities of a toughened adhesive where High Peel and Impact strength are a feature. Fusion Bond 3290 exhibits excellent tensile and impact strength, even without priming surfaces. The Advanced formulation provides the bonded assembly with excellent environmental and chemical resistance in the most arduous of applications.
3295 AIP 3295 is a second generation Acrylic Adhesive deigned to combine the High Shear and Temperature resistance of a conventional acrylic with the qualities of a rubber toughened adhesive where High Peel and Impact strength are a feature.
3299 Typical applications are where tough, shock resistant Bonds of high production speeds are necessary. Magnet bonding is a typical use. AIP 3299 is a rigid bonder for Metals, Ceramics and Ferrites. It is NOT suitable for soft or flexible materials such as Wood or Plastics.

A single part hybrid polymer elastomeric adhesive sealant. It quickly cures in contact with the humidity of air. Its high modulus makes it particularly suitable for bonding various materials in general industry but its flexibility allows for it to be used for classic joints as well. Bondseal has a good primer less adhesion on most ordinary materials such as glass, mirrors, anodised aluminium, lacquered metal, polyesters, concrete, uPVC, GRP etc. Thanks to its wet on wet ability, it can be over painted within 4-5 hours after extrusion.The uniqueness of the product allows it to be used in environments where there is a high degree of bacterial contact without affecting the product with mildew type deposits within the adhesive.

Type of product: Solvent free, Isocyanate-free, moisture curing, odourless one-part hybrid Polymer.

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